Removing Pet Odors from Your Home

Has your home gotten a little stinky recently? Our pets bring us many wonderful things, but they can also smell up our homes if we’re not careful. Use these tips from your San Jose, CA vet to remove pet odors from your living space:

Groom Your Pet

Combat odors at the source—your pet. Brush your pet daily; this will remove loose and dead fur and moisturize the coat, reducing shedding and thereby cutting back on smells. Be sure to use a pet-specific brush for maximum effectiveness.

Vacuum Regularly

It’s certainly not fun, but vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning regularly is simply one of the best ways to keep pet odors to a minimum and retain that natural freshness in your home. You may consider a vacuum specially designed to pick up pet hair; this can be useful if you have a pet who sheds an excessive amount.

Try Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners and perfumes simply mask smells. Odor neutralizers, however, combat enzymes that cause odors and eliminate them for good. Try using an odor neutralizer specifically made to combat pet smells.

Need more advice on removing pet odors from your home? Call your pet clinic San Jose, CA office for help.

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