Save Yourself Money on Pet Care

It sure would be nice to save a little cash now and again when it comes to your pet. The question is how to do that while keeping your pet safe and healthy! Your Fort Collins, CO veterinarian offers a few helpful tips below:

Preventive Medicine

Preventive care—proper vaccinations, pest-control products, veterinary visits at least twice per year—is a great way to save money. This way, you’re avoiding sudden and unexpected veterinary bills associated with health problems. Ask your vet if your pet needs these healthcare measures.

Portion Control

Use proper portion sizes when feeding your pet. Overfeeding Fido or Fluffy not only wastes food, it contributes to obesity. Obesity is one of the most common ailments amongst pets, and it will be costly and time-consuming to reverse down the road. If you need advice on your pet’s portion size, ask your veterinary professional.

Nix the Extras

It goes without saying that your pet doesn’t really care if they’re wearing name-brand clothing or an expensive collar and leash combination. Don’t go overboard with these novelties, or you’ll only be hurting your wallet.

Does your pet need veterinary attention? Make an appointment at your vet clinic Fort Collins, CO.

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