Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your cat getting up there in the age department? Now more than ever, she needs your loving affection. Use these tips from your Midland, MI vet to care for your aging feline.

Senior Diet

Is your cat eating a specially formulated senior diet? She should be. The nutritional needs of older cats are much different than those of a younger or middle-aged animal. Talk to your veterinarian to get a recommendation on a great senior diet for your pet.

Help with Grooming

Cats are excellent self-groomers, but it’s likely that your cat can’t twist and turn the way she once could in order to groom herself. Give your pet a hand—use a feline-specific brush to smooth out pesky tangles and keep the fur soft, moisturized, and shiny.

Pet Ramps

Consider buying or building pet ramps to help your cat up onto furniture and up and down the staircase. Many older cats, especially if they suffer from painful arthritis, find these daily tasks more and more troublesome as they age.

Does your senior cat need professional veterinary care? Want more recommendations on great care products for your pet? Set up an appointment at with your veterinarians Midland, MI.

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