Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your cat getting up there in years? Here, your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian offers some tips on great senior cat care.

Senior Diet

Is your cat eating a feline diet specially formulated for older cats? If not, she should be. Cats’ nutritional needs change as they age, and a senior diet is very beneficial. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation, as well as tips on switching your cat’s food successfully.

Help with Grooming

Older cats may not be able to twist and turn the way they once could. For this reason, some help in the grooming department is key. Use a feline-specific brush and give your cat a thorough once-over every day.

Multiple Litter Boxes

Most senior cats don’t want to go far for the litter box, especially if your home has multiple floors. Set up a few litter boxes to make your cat’s life a little easier. You’ll spend a bit more time cleaning out multiple litter boxes, but it sure beats cleaning up a mess on the floor if your cat can’t make it to her box!

Want further helpful care tips for senior cats? Your vets Jacksonville, FL is here to tell you more, so call today.

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