Senior Dog Care Tips

Is your dog getting along in years? Now more than ever, it’s important to provide him with great care! Here, your Lafayette, LA veterinary professional gives you a few tips on caring for your aging dog.

Senior Diet

All older dogs should be eating a well-balanced senior diet made specifically for the needs of aging canines. This ensures that your pooch gets the right mix of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a good type and brand, as well as advice on how to transition your dog to a new food.

Home Modification

Try using pet ramps or stairs around the home; this makes it far easier for your aging dog to get up on that favorite piece of furniture, or up and down the staircase. You can also try putting food and water dishes on a small platform so that your dog doesn’t have to bend the neck as far to eat and drink.

Regular Exercise

Remember that your senior dog needs his exercise, too! Go for regular walks to keep Fido’s body in tip-top shape.

Does your senior dog need veterinary attention? Set up an appointment at Pet Clinic your Lafayette, LA.

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