Senior Dog Care Tips

If your canine companion is getting up there in the age department, he needs your love and attention now more than ever. Use these tips from a Glendale, AZ veterinarian to keep your senior dog happy and healthy.

Regular Exercise

All dogs need their exercise, senior animals included. Regular walks and jogs, as well as fun play sessions, keep the body in peak condition and maintain your dog’s mental stimulation as well. Plus, exercise provides great pet-and-owner bonding time!

Senior Diet

All older dogs should be eating a specially formulated senior diet, tailored to the needs of your dog based on weight, breed, and other factors. Talk to your veterinarian today if your dog needs to switch to a premium dog food made for seniors.

Vaccination Updates

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date on your older dog’s vaccination schedule; he needs protection against dangerous and/or contagious diseases now more than ever! Visit your veterinarian’s office on a regular basis to make sure your dog’s vaccine and pest preventatives are on track.

If your dog needs a veterinary exam or if you have questions about any aspect of his healthcare, set up an appointment at your Glendale, AZ animal hospital for help.

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