Stop Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture

Is your cat scratching up the legs of your favorite living room table? Put a stop to this behavior before it’s too late! Here, your Glendale, AZ veterinarian gives you a few tips on nipping kitty’s scratching in the bud.

Scratching Posts

Many cats scratch because they don’t have a natural outlet for what is a built-in instinct. Provide multiple scratching posts or pads, and set up them up in various areas around the house. Many cats will take to them naturally, but some may need a little help—whenever your cat scratches inappropriately, scold them gently and place them on a scratching post instead.


Every time you see your cat scratch something you don’t want them to, clap your hands sharply and say “no.” Redirect them to a scratching post right away, and they should get the hint fairly quickly!


A last resort is using deterrents. There are commercially available scent deterrents or sound deterrents that startle cats away from areas you don’t want them near. Talk to your veterinarian about these options.

Do you have questions about your cat’s behavior? Wondering about other ways to prevent them from scratching? Contact your Veterinarian Glendale, AZ for help.

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