Stop Your Dog’s Table Begging

Does your dog beg at the table while you’re eating? Such behavior is both unbecoming and quite annoying! Use your Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian’s tips to put a stop to this behavior as quickly as possible.

Relocate Your Dog

It may be easiest to simply relocate your dog in order to keep him away from the dinner table. Try putting your pooch in his crate or securing him in another room. Leave him with a few of his favorite dog toys to keep him occupied.

Use Spot Training

Spot training involves giving your dog a command like “spot!” or “go!” which instructs them to go to a specific area, like their dog bed or a specific piece of furniture. This is very useful when your dog begs, and can be used for various other applications as well. Ask your veterinarian for more help training your dog.

Seek Professional Help

Some pet owners will need to seek the help of their veterinarian, a professional animal trainer, or an animal behaviorist in order to get their dog’s antics under control. If you can’t seem to get your dog to stop begging at the dinner table, contact your vet clinic in Oconomowoc, WI today.

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