Sun Protection Tips for Your Pet

Did you know that pets can experience sunburn just like humans, not to mention dehydration and heatstroke? It’s very important to keep your pet well-protected from the sun! Here are three quick tips from veterinarians Glendale, AZ.


Indoor time is simply the best way to keep your pet safe from harsh summer weather. When your pet is outdoors, make sure there are least a few shaded areas for him to relax under. It’s often far cooler in the shade than directly under the sun’s rays!


To protect your pet’s most sensitive areas of skin that aren’t covered completely by fur—like the bridge of the nose or the ear edges—you might try using a pet-formulated sunscreen. Ask your vet for a recommendation, and pick up a pet sunscreen at your local pet supply store. It’s a great idea if your pet is going to remain outdoors for an extended period of time!

Fresh Water

Don’t forget about fresh water. This is the best way to fend off dehydration and overheating in the hot summer weather. Provide your pet with a large bowl at all times.

For more tips on sun protection, contact your vets Glendale, AZ.

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