Taking Care of Your Bird’s Beak

A bird’s beak is very important to them, for everything from eating to climbing and communicating. Here, learn how to take good care of it from your Glendale, AZ veterinarian:

Beak Trims

Every bird will need regular beak trims. If the beak gets too sharp or long, it can fracture painfully. It’s recommended that you take your feathered friend to the vet’s office for a trimming using professional tools. Set up an appointment if your bird needs this procedure performed.

Conditioning Perch

A conditioning perch is a small cylindrical item, usually made from pumice, stone, or hardened clay, that a bird can perch on and rub their beak against. This keeps the beak clean and healthy. They’re available in pet stores and some vets’ offices, so ask your animal care professional for a recommendation.

Quality Diet

A great avian diet will keep your bird’s beak—and overall health—in peak condition. Your bird should be eating a quality pellet diet, supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies. If you have questions about your bird’s diet or would like a recommendation on a type of food, ask your vet.

Call your Glendale, AZ veterinary clinic for more great pet bird health tips.

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