Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Our canine companions love a fun beach day just as much as the next guy! Just make you’re your dog stays safe next time you bring him along. Use these tips from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinary professional to do just that.

Follow Beach Rules

Before going to the beach, make sure you’re aware of the rules. Not all beaches allow pets at all, and even those that do may have specific rules and regulations about where animals can go. Do your research to make sure you visit a pet-friendly beach.

Clean Up After Fido

Always bring along a few plastic baggies to pick up after your dog. It’s both rude and unsanitary to leave his droppings where they lay.

Rinse Out the Coat

Once your beach day is over, make sure to rinse out your pooch’s coat with fresh water from the garden hose or the tub. Leaving salt water and sand in the fur will irritate and dry out the skin, and you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible so that your dog doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Want even more great tips for taking your dog to the beach? Contact your veterinarians North Phoenix, AZ office today!   

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