The Benefits of Pet Microchips

Microchips are perhaps the best way to identify your animal companion, and proper identification is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your pet’s health. Learn about the benefits of microchips below from a Sun Prairie, WI veterinarian.

Constant Identification

Pets cannot remove microchips, the way they could possibly chew through, rip off, or snag a collar with ID tags. In this way, you never have to worry about your pet going unidentified even if an unexpected scenario occurs.

Quick, Simple Procedure

The procedure to get a pet a microchip only takes a few short moments. The chip itself is inserted under the skin—most commonly between the shoulder blades—with a specialized syringe. Your pet won’t feel any pain aside from a slight pinch at the insertion point, and then it’s done!

Easy to Update

Another advantage of microchips is that they’re easy to update; you don’t need to get a new one should you have a change of address or telephone number. Simply contact the microchip manufacturer, and they’ll update your pet’s information in their database instantly.

Do you have more questions about microchips? Want to get your pet one? Call your Sun Prairie, WI vet.

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