The Many Benefits of Adopting Older Pets

If you’re considering adopting a new pet soon but aren’t interested in a puppy or kitten, try out your other option: an older pet! Our elderly pets make great additions—learn why below from your Indianapolis, IN veterinary professional.

Calm and Collected

Not looking forward to keeping up with a high-energy kitten or puppy all day long? With an older pet, you won’t have to. They simply don’t have the energy that young pets do, and they’ll most likely be content to relax for most of the day minus the occasional walk and bathroom break.

Training and Manners

Many older pets have already lived with human families. They might already know commands or even tricks, and they’re most likely potty-trained, crate-trained, and familiar with riding in cars. This can make your life a lot easier!

Save a Life

Of course, the other wonderful benefit of adopting an older animal is knowing that you’ve saved a life in need. Our aging companions need loving homes, too!

Does your new addition require a veterinary check-up? Do you have questions about your pet’s care needs? We’re here for you. Give your veterinary clinic Indianapolis, IN a call today to speak with the professionals.

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