The Most Common Pet-Owner Mistakes

Let’s face it—no one’s perfect. Pet owners are no exception! To learn about the most common mistakes that pet owners make, and how to go about fixing them, read on as your veterinarian Frisco, TX tells you more.


Overfeeding is the leading cause of obesity amongst domesticated animals today. Instead of free-feeding your pet (leaving food out for your pet to eat as they please) use measured portion sizes during scheduled mealtimes. Ask your veterinarian for advice on the proper portion size.

Not Providing Enough Exercise

Along with a good diet, exercise is key for helping your pet to stay healthy for a lifetime. Pets who don’t get enough exercise are at risk for obesity, heart disease, and much more. Get your companion moving with walks and playtime on a daily basis.

Lack of Veterinary Care

When your vet sees your pet regularly, he or she can keep track of their health and catch any concerns early. This is the absolute best way to make sure your pet stays happy for years to come! It’s recommended that your pet is examined at least twice per year.

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