The Most Dangerous Places at Home for Cats

Your cat is safest at home with you and your family, but it’s important to remember that every home has its hazard spots. The trick is being aware of them so that you can keep your cat healthy. Learn more below from a vet Rochester, NY.

The Kitchen

All kitchens contain certain foods that are toxic to cats, including grapes, raisins, chocolate, candy, salty foods, fatty foods, caffeine, and more. Kitchens are also home to plenty of hot surfaces, as well as sharp objects and edges. Keep a close eye on Fluffy when she ventures into the kitchen!

Laundry Rooms

Our feline friends are known for their love of napping. One of the comfiest places to do this, in your cat’s mind, is inside an open dryer full of warm clothes. If the unit is shut and started with your cat still inside, disaster can result! Always check the washer and dryer before using them.

Gardens, Bouquets, Potted Plants

Lilies are especially toxic to our feline friends, and other plants—dieffenbachia, elephant ear, aloe plants, and more—can prove harmful as well. Don’t let your cat chow down!

For more information on cat safety, call your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY.

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