The Truth About Cats and Dairy

It’s quite easy to picture a cat happily lapping up milk. You may be surprised to learn that cats and dairy don’t mix! Learn more below from your vet in Cypress, TX.

Why Can’t Cats Have Dairy?

The majority of adult cats are actually lactose-intolerant, meaning they don’t possess enough lactase in the gut to digest lactose, the main enzyme of milk and other dairy. Drinking too much milk or consuming too much dairy will likely result in vomiting and diarrhea.

Don’t Kittens Drink Their Mothers’ Milk?

Yes, kittens consume their mothers’ milk while nursing. This is the only time in a cat’s life cycle, though, that milk is nutritionally necessary. As most cats age, they produce less and less lactase, gradually becoming lactose-intolerant over time.

Are There Any Options?

Yogurt and cheeses contain less lactose than milk, so small bits of these products may be safer. Don’t overdo it, though. A safer option is a synthetic “cat milk,” which is a specially formulated milk with the lactose removed. These products taste just like milk but don’t come with the harmful side effects!

Ask your Cypress, TX veterinarian for a recommendation on a good-quality cat milk for your feline friend.

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