Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy

One of the great things about cats is that they don’t require a whole lot to stay happy. Give your cat her simple pleasures, and she’ll be happy and healthy for years on end! Here, your veterinarian Rochester, NY tells you about three easy ways to keep your cat content:

Feed Her a Great Diet

As we know, all of our pets love to eat. Your cat is no exception. Make sure Fluffy is receiving a healthy, well-balanced diet that suits her age, breed, and weight. Feel free to ask your veterinary professional for a recommendation, and don’t forget to ask about the perfect serving size for your feline friend’s needs.

Give Her Plenty of Toys

When your cat exercises, she’s burning off excess calories to help avoid dangerous obesity. That’s where toys come in—give your cat a fun selection of toys to play with on a daily basis. Try sprinkling catnip on Fluffy’s favorite items to further entice your cat.

Provide Multiple Napping Spots

If there’s one thing that cats love to do, it’s nap. Provide Fluffy with plenty of soft beds around the house!

Does your cat need veterinary attention? Call your animal hospital Rochester, NY today.

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