Three Key Benefits of Microchips

Have you heard of microchips for pets? They’re one of the easiest and most effective ways to make sure your animal companion is properly identified for a lifetime. Learn more here from your Coon Rapids, MN veterinary professional.


A collar containing ID tags may be chewed through, ripped off, or torn away, ultimately leaving your pet unidentified. A microchip, though, can’t be removed by a pet. This means that your pet is securely identified at all times no matter what! The peace of mind this brings is well worth it.

Easy to Update

Moving? Getting a telephone number? You don’t have to go through the trouble of getting an entirely new chip. Simply call the microchip manufacturer and they can update their database. You’ll never have to switch out the chip at all!

Quick, Painless Process

Your pet’s microchip is inserted under the skin using a specialized syringe; it only takes a few moments and is virtually painless for your pet. All in all, it’s just like any normal vaccination!

Do have more questions about microchips for pets? Ready to have your animal friend outfitted with one? Set up an appointment today to see your Coon  vet coon Rapids, MN.

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