Three Myths About Your Cat

It’s not always easy for you to tell what your cat is thinking. Our feline friends have a reputation for being rather aloof! Several myths have sprung up around our beloved cats, but you must not believe everything you hear. Your veterinarian Murrieta, CA tells you more below.

Cats Always Land Upright

This isn’t true—your cat can slip and fall like anyone else, and land awkwardly. Cats have injured themselves seriously when falling from ledges or windowsills; shorter falls can prove even more dangerous because a cat doesn’t have time to right themselves before impact.

Cats Love Milk

This is half-true; your cat might love milk, but the milk won’t return the favor. It turns out that most adult cats are lactose-intolerant, just like many humans. This means that they can’t properly digest lactose, the main enzyme of milk! Too much like will probably result in vomiting or diarrhea.

Cats Purr When Happy

Cats do purr when they’re contented, yes, but experts believe that purring can also indicate several other emotions. Purring might even indicate stress or anger!

Want to learn more about your cat’s healthcare requirements and behavior? Your vet Murrieta, CA is here to help—call today!

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