Three Signs of a Sick Bird

Do you own a bird? It’s very important to know when they’re not feeling their best so that you can get them prompt veterinary treatment. Here, your Orangevale, CA vet tells you about three signs of a sick bird:

Loss of Appetite

As with nearly any pet, a loss of appetite is never a good sign. If you’ve noticed that your bird isn’t eating regularly, it’s best to get your vet’s opinion. A loss of appetite could mean many things, from disease to infection to injury.

Cere Symptoms

Your bird’s cere is the small area above the beak where the nostrils are located. If you see abnormalities around this area, like inflammation, discharge, crusts, redness, or other things that look out of the ordinary, give your vet’s office a call.

Ruffled Feathers

While birds do ruffle their feathers occasionally as a part of normal behavior, keeping the feathers ruffled for a long time isn’t normal. Follow this rule of thumb: if your bird has kept the feathers ruffled for 24 hours or longer, it’s time to seek veterinary attention by calling your veterinarian’s office.

Does your bird need veterinary attention? Set up an appointment at your animal hospital Orangevale, CA.

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