Three Signs That Your Bird is Ill

Part of being a responsible bird owner is knowing the signs when your pet isn’t feeling well. Here, your Minnetonka, MN veterinarian tells you about three common signs of a sick bird:

Ruffled Feathers

Birds ruffle their feathers as part of their natural behavior, but only for short periods of time. The general rule of thumb is this: a bird who has kept the feathers ruffled for 24 hours or longer should be given veterinary attention.

Clouded Eyes

A healthy bird’s eyes will be clean and clear. If you see clouded eyes, or if you notice inflamed skin, crusts, or swelling around the eyes, let your vet know. This could be a sign of infection or illness and requires prompt treatment.

Loss of Appetite

Like just about any pet, a bird needs to maintain a steady diet to stay healthy. If you’ve noticed more food left in your bird’s bowl than normal recently, it may be cause for concern. Try to keep track of your bird’s food consumption, and tell your veterinarian if you think your bird has stopped eating.

Do you have further questions about your bird’s health and symptoms of illness? Contact your Minnetonka, MN animal hospital today.

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