Three Tips to Save Money on Dog Care

Let’s face it—owning a dog isn’t always cheap. We would all like to save a little cash here and there! How do you do that without sacrificing your canine companion’s health? Here are three quick tips from an Omaha, NE veterinarian:

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Did you know that adopting a dog is almost always cheaper than purchasing one directly from a breeder or in a pet store? Plus, shelter dogs probably already have vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. This saves you more money in the long run!

Use Preventative Care

Keep your dog up-to-date on pest control medications and vaccines, and have them see their veterinarian regularly. By avoiding diseases, infections, and infestations before they take hold, you’re not just keeping your pet healthy and happy; you’re keeping your hard-earned money in your wallet. Prevention is always far less expensive than treatment!

Practice Portion Control

Overfeeding your dog wastes food, and it contributes to dangerous obesity. Obesity can be costly and time-consuming to reverse later in life, so avoid it straight away. Ask your vet to recommend a proper portion size for your animal friend.

Would you like more money-saving tips? Contact your animal hospital Omaha, NE today.

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