Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

It certainly is a lot of fun to take your dog on family vacations and day trips. Many dogs love traveling! Use these tips from a Livonia, MI vet to make sure your next trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Car Rides

It’s strongly recommended that your dog remains in his or her crate for the duration of the car ride. This way, your pet is safely secured for the entire trip. Be sure to take a few breaks along your route to allow your dog to stretch and use the bathroom. Don’t forget to provide fresh water for your pet to drink.

Hotel Tips

If you’re staying at a hotel, call ahead to find out their policy on pets. Not all hotels allow pets at all, and even those that do may have restrictions on size, breed, amount of animals, etc. Make sure your overnight plans are in order before leaving home!


No matter where you’re traveling to or how long you’ll be staying there, it’s important that your dog is identified. Have them wear a microchip, ID tags, or both.

Does your dog need a microchip? Want more travel tips? Call your Pet Clinic Livonia, MI office today.

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