Tips on Boarding Your Dog

Sometimes, it might be necessary to board your dog when you can’t take him with you on trips or vacations. Use these helpful tips from a veterinarian Frisco, TX to make sure your dog’s stay goes smoothly until you get back:


First, make sure you’re comfortable with the kennel you’re choosing. After all, it’s your beloved family member! Before Fido’s stay, make sure he’s completely up to date on all vaccinations and proper pest-control products.

What to Bring

While the items you’ll need to bring vary a bit depending on what the kennel requests, it’s a good idea to try and bring some familiar items for your dog. Blankets, a bed, and a few favorite toys are good options. These will give Fido a sense of home while he’s away.

Keep Goodbyes Short

When dropping your dog off at the kennel, it’s tempting to have drawn-out goodbyes with your canine companion. Try to avoid this; stay calm and happy when dropping Fido off, and keep it quick. This keeps your dog from getting worked up and generally makes the transition much easier.

Would you like more advice on boarding your dog at a kennel? Call your vets Frisco, TX.

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