Traveling By Car With Your Dog

We often travel with our dogs in the car, whether it’s taking Fido to a vet’s appointment, going on a family vacation, or simply heading down the street to the park. Use these tips from a London, ON veterinarian to keep your dog safe during car travel.


We recommend keeping your dog in their crate for the duration of the trip. This provides security by not allowing your dog free range of the car. Try buckling in the carrier with your vehicle’s seatbelt so that it can’t shift around in the event of any quick turns or sudden stops.


Not all dogs take kindly to car rides—carsickness is a common problem amongst our canine companions. Try acclimating your dog by going on short rides around the neighborhood. Some dogs also like the windows cracked or music playing gently. Don’t feed your dog for at least two hours before a car ride.

Bathroom Breaks

If your trip is going to last longer than a few hours, be sure to take frequent bathroom breaks. This is also helpful for puppies who don’t have the bladder control of adult dogs.

Talk to your Pet Clinic London, ON for more travel tips.

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