Trimming Your Pup’s Nails

Whether your dog likes it or not, nail trims have to be a part of life. Overgrown nails can split painfully or get snagged in carpets. Luckily, trimming pup’s nails doesn’t have to be a burden! Here, your veterinarian Burlington, ON offers three simple steps.

Get What You Need

First things first—gather your supplies in a well-lit area where you’ll perform the nail trim. This includes a canine-specific set of trimmers (never use nail clippers designed for use on humans or other animals), a styptic pen or powder, and a few tasty dog treats.

Snip the Tips

Take one of your dog’s furry feet and gently extend a claw. Use your clippers to snip the very tip off; remember, you’re only trying to blunt the nail. If you clip too far, you can cause bleeding—this is why you have the styptic pen or powder on hand.

Repeat and Reward

Now, continue working your way around to all of the nails on that paw. Give Fido a treat for a job well done before moving on to the next paw. Eventually, you’ll be completely done!

Need your dog’s nails trimmed? Make an appointment with your vet clinic Burlington, ON.

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