Understanding Fluffy’s Body Language

One of the best ways to tell what your cat is thinking or feeling is by studying their body language. All cats are unique, but there are some traits they tend to share. Learn more here from a Rochester, NY vet:

The Tail

A tail held gently in the “default” position means that your cat is feeling relaxed and self-assured. A gentle curl could indicate playfulness. Wrapping the tail around your leg, or another cat or pet, is a sign of affection.

The Ears

Your feline friend’s ears will be pointed upward and cocked slightly forward when she’s alert and focused. Ears that are held upright but turned backward indicate that your cat is frightened or alarmed; she’s about to bolt, or defend herself if needed!

The Eyes

Wide eyes mean that your cat is scared or tense. Accompanied by a hiss and puffed tail, widened eyes could mean that your cat is about to attack! On the other end of the spectrum, a slow, languid blink means that your cat is feeling trustworthy and loving.

Want to know more about your cat’s behavior? Talk to the professionals. Contact your animal hospital Rochester, NY for all of your cat’s needs!

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