Understanding Pink Eye in Dogs

You know that humans can get pink eye. But is it possible for dogs to suffer from this condition? The answer is yes. Learn more here from a veterinarian Washington DC about the pink eye in dogs.

The Causes of Pink Eye

Pink eye, known medically as conjunctivitis, is relatively common in dogs. It means inflammation of the conjunctiva, or the tissues surrounding your dog’s eyes. The condition can occur on its own or be symptomatic of another disease. This means that possible causes are numerous—they include bacterial or viral infections, physical trauma to the eye, foreign bodies in the eye, allergies, and much more.

Signs of Pink Eye in Dogs

The main sign of pink eye is a red, inflamed eye or eyelid. You might also see discharge coming from the eye, and your dog might paw or scratch at the eyes. Note that conjunctivitis can occur in just one eye at a time, or both simultaneously (this is more common).

Treating Pink Eye

Treating your dog’s pink eye involves treating what’s causing it. Usually, anti-inflammatory medication can be given to help your dog feel more comfortable.

Call your vet Washington DC to learn more about the pink eye.

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