Vaccination Basics for Your Pet

All pets need their vaccinations to ward off dangerous and contagious diseases. If you would like a refresher on the basics of vaccination, look no further—your 4S Ranch, CA vet tells you more below.

Core Vaccines

Core vaccines are recommended for almost every pet. They protect against diseases like parvovirus, parainfluenza, rabies, calicivirus, distemper, hepatitis, and others. Often, several of these vaccines are administered together in a batch. Ask your veterinarian for further details.

Non-Core Vaccines

Non-core vaccines aren’t considered necessary for all pets, but they may benefit some based on exposure risk, environment, etc. Examples of non-core vaccines include the Bordetella virus vaccine and the Lyme disease vaccine. If you would like to know whether or not your pet could benefit from such vaccines, contact your veterinarian.

Vaccination Scheduling

Many pets can be given their first vaccinations around eight weeks of age. From there, vaccines are given periodically until about 16 weeks of age. As a pet ages, booster shots must be given on a yearly or multi-year basis to keep vaccinations effective.

If you would like more information about your pet’s vaccinations, or if your pet needs essential shots, contact your Animal Hospital 4S Ranch, CA today.


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