Walking Your Dog at Night

For some of us, walking our dogs at night is the only option. Plus, you never know when your dog might demand an after-dark jaunt! Use these tips from a Wake Forest, NC vet to keep your dog safe while walking at night.

Use a Leash

Don’t allow your dog to walk off-leash at night. It’s far too easy for your dog to dart off after a squirrel or bicyclist if the mood strikes them, and it’s going to be a lot harder to get your dog back in the dark than it would be in the daytime.

Wear Reflective Clothing

Whenever you go out for a walk at night, try dressing yourself and your dog up in reflective clothing. Use a collar with reflectors, and try wearing a jacket, hat, or shoes with reflective strips. This will make you and your dog much more visible to passing motorists, minimizing the chances of an accident.

Use Sidewalks Whenever Possible

It’s never a good idea to walk in the road. If at all possible, pick wide roads to walk on, and use the sidewalks for maximum safety.

If you would like more dog-walking safety tips, contact your Wake Forest, NC veterinarian.

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