Walking Your Pooch at Night

It’s not uncommon for pooch owners to walk their canine companions at night. This might be necessary because of schedules, or simply because your pooch demands it. Make sure that your dog and you stay safe with these tips from a pet clinic Savannah, GA.

Be Visible

Make sure that both of you are easily visible by passing cars. Wear reflective items of clothing like shirts, hats, and shoes. Dress pooch up with reflective leashes, collars, vests, or even booties. And do your best to walk in areas that are at least partially lit by street lamps.

Choose Roads Wisely

If possible, walk on sidewalks to minimize any risk from passing cars. If you don’t have access to sidewalks, choose wide roads and walk on the far end of the shoulder. Narrow streets can prove very dangerous for our dogs!

Clean Up After Your Pup

It’s not just rude to avoid cleaning up after your dog, it’s unsanitary. Be sure to bring along a few plastic bags to clean up your dog’s poop. Your neighbors will thank you!

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