Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Are you planning on letting your dog go for a swim this year? Many of our canine companions love the water! Just make sure they stay safe. Here are a few water safety tips from a veterinarian Marietta, GA.

Swimming Support

It’s always a good idea to go into the water with your dog to provide support. This is especially important if you’re swimming in the ocean—even dogs who are very experienced swimmers can be caught off guard by the ocean’s currents and tides! And remember: not every dog is good at swimming at all.

Don’t Drink the Water

Whether your pooch is swimming in the backyard pool, a public lake or pond, or the ocean, it’s important that they don’t drink the water. Chlorine from personal pools isn’t good for your dog to drink, and salt water will dry out your pet’s mouth and even make him sick if enough is ingested.

Rinse and Dry

When your dog is done swimming, rinse them off with fresh water to remove salt, sand, or chlorine. Dry them thoroughly so that they don’t get chilled.

For more safety tips on swimming with your dog, call your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA today.

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