What Are the Benefits of Microchips?

Pet microchips are the best way to keep your animal companion properly identified. Wondering what benefits microchips have over the usual ID tags hanging around a pet’s collar? Learn more here from your San Diego, CA vet.

Microchips Are Secure

Microchips cannot be removed by your pet, the way ID tags on a collar could be chewed or ripped off. In this way, your pet remains constantly identified and is much more likely to be returned to you in the event he or she gets lost.

Microchips Are Easy to Update

Have a change of phone number or address? Simply contact the microchip manufacturer, and they will update your pet’s information in their database. There’s no need to get a new chip or take your pet anywhere.

The Microchip Procedure is Quick and Easy

Microchips are inserted with a special needle, and the procedure is much like a regular vaccination. Your pet will only feel a slight pinch, and then the whole thing will be finished!

If your pet is not already identified with a microchip and you would like to get them one, act promptly. Call your Animal Hospital San Diego, CA to get your pet properly identified today.

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