What Your Cat’s Tail Movements Mean

Your cat says a lot with her tail—aside from vocalizations, it’s her main form of communication! Have you ever wondered what Fluffy’s tail positioning might mean? Learn more here from a vet clinic Indianapolis, IN.

The Standard Position

Most of the time, you’ll see your cat’s tail held in a gentle, relaxed position with a slight curve. Rest assured that your cat is feeling self-assured, content, and relaxed—this is the standard position that your cat holds her tail in.

The Puff

When you see a cat’s tail become enlarged and puffed, it means that she’s perceiving a threat. Often, the puffed tail will be accompanied by a hiss and widened eyes, as well as a lowered stance. Your cat is ready to defend herself!

The Wrap

Have you ever seen your pet wrap her tail around your leg, or perhaps around another pet in the house? Many believe that this is akin to the way we would wrap an arm around a loved one—it’s your cat’s way of showing affection!

Remember: all cats are different and have varying personality quirks. Call your veterinarian Indianapolis, IN office for further insight into your particular cat’s behavior or health care needs.

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