Why Adopt an Older Pet?

Thinking of adopting a pet, but not looking for the commitment of a new puppy or kitten? An older pet is just the thing for you. Here, your Clay, NY vet tells you about the advantages of adopting an older pet.

Better Behavior

Simply put, older pets will be better behaved than young puppies or kittens. If you’re not looking forward to dealing with the constant scratching and chewing stages, seek out an older animal who has already gone through that phase.

Lower Energy Level

Older pets aren’t nearly as rambunctious as young pets, and they won’t require you to supervise them constantly. Instead, an older animal will probably be content to relax with you on the couch at the end of a long day, rather than wanting to play at every opportunity.

No Training Required

Many older animals may come with training or commands “built-in.” In this way, you don’t have to teach your new pet to ask to go to the bathroom, wear a collar or leash, ride in the car, or how to interact with guests.

Do you have more questions about pet behavior or adopting from local shelters? Contact your Clay, NY veterinarian’s office for help.

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