Why Adopt an Older Pet?

Are you considering adopting a pet? Don’t think that a brand-new puppy or kitten is your only option. Here, a Vancouver, BC veterinarian tells you why you may want to consider adopting an older animal.

Lower Energy Level

Not willing to keep up with the high-energy antics of a puppy or kitten? An older cat or dog is your best bet. These pets don’t have the rambunctious nature of younger animals; they’ll probably be content to relax with you most of the time.

Less Bad Behavior

Puppies and kittens are known for scratching, biting, chewing, eliminating in the house, and other bad behaviors before they’ve been properly trained. Skip this step by adopting an older pet who already has worked out the bad-behavior kinks of puppy- or kitten-hood.


It’s likely that an older pet has already lived with humans; as such, they’re well aware of how to get along with their owners. Adopting an older pet can make for a seamless transition into a happy home life with your new furry companion.

Would you like to know more about adopting an older pet? Wondering where to look in your area? Contact your Vancouver, BC veterinarian’s office for further advice.

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