Why Do Dogs Pant?

Panting is something that every dog does. You’ve seen your canine companion do it thousands of times, but have you ever wondered what’s behind your dog’s panting? Learn more below from an Aurora, CO vet.

Cooling Down

Most of the time, a dog is panting in order to cool themselves down. Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do, so panting is their main method of getting rid of heat. When Fido pants, moisture evaporates from the tongue, nasal passages, and lung lining. When the air produced by panting passes over these moist tissues, your dog’s body is cooled.

Stress Panting

For many dogs pant is a reaction to stressful stimuli like a thunderstorm, a new pet in the house, or some other stressful situation. In these cases, your dog’s panting has nothing to do with body temperature—it’s a normal and instinctual reaction!

Medical Problems

Of course, there is a chance that your dogs pant could be due to a medical issue. This is likely if your dog is panting but hasn’t recently exercised or spent time in hot weather. Call your veterinarian if this is the case.

Want to know more about Fido’s panting? Call your veterinarian Aurora, CO.

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