Why Do Dogs Stare At Their Owners?

You’ve probably seen your dog stare at you numerous times. It’s just something that our canine friends tend to do! The question is, why does your dog stare at you all the time? Learn about some of the most common reasons for staring in dogs in this article from a pet clinic Frisco, TX.

Your Dog Wants Attention

Your dog might simply want you to notice them, and that’s why they’re staring at you. It turns out that in the same way we experience a positive neurochemical reaction when we look at a loved one, your dog experiences the same thing. Try giving your pup a little love.

Your Dog Desires Something

Of course, your dog may very well be staring at you because he desires something from you. That might be food (one of the most likely culprits!), playtime, a toy, or to go outside to potty. Since you know your pup best out of anyone, you’ll probably be able to guess.

Your Dog is Looking for Direction

Dogs also look at owners to tell them what to do. Try giving Fido a command!

Learn more about dog behavior by calling your animal hospital Frisco, TX. We’re here to help.

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