Why is My Dog Not Eating?

We all know that our canine companions love to eat. So when Fido seemingly shuns his food and stops eating, you know something is amiss. There are several common reasons why dogs stop eating—learn more here from a vet Aurora, CO.


Let’s face it: our dogs can be ornery. Sometimes, dogs are just picky eaters! This is especially true if you give your dog a lot of tasty treats or table scraps because your dog knows he can simply wait on his normal kibble until something tastier comes along. Stop giving in, and your dog will likely continue to eat his normal meals!

Injury or Illness

If your dog is suffering from an illness, or physical pain thanks to an injury, he or she may stop eating entirely. If you had the flu, you wouldn’t feel like eating, either! Let your vet know if you think your dog is experiencing a medical problem.

Food Gone Bad

Your dog’s food can go rancid, just like human food. Store dry kibble in an airtight container away from moisture, light, and heat. Toss out opened canned food after about a week or so.

Call your vets Aurora, CO for more information.

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