Why is Water So Important for Your Cat?

Everyone knows that water is one of the foundational elements of life. It’s very important for your feline friend’s health and wellness! Have you ever wondered why water is so important? Learn more here from a vet in Rochester, NY.


First and foremost, water keeps your cat hydrated. The lack of water in the body is called dehydration, and that can quickly lead to serious health problems throughout all organ systems. Proper hydration combats that, and it also regulates your cat’s body temperature to keep her cool. Water also helps lubricate joints, making it easier to move.


Water also helps in the digestion of food in the stomach. It helps your cat’s tissues to absorb nutrients that enter the system through food and helps those nutrients move in and out of cells. Additionally, water helps to remove waste and toxins from the body through the process of urination.

Oral Health

Fresh water also flushes out your cat’s mouth, removing leftover grime and plaque build-up. Combined with dental chew treats and regular brushing, it makes for a great dental health routine!

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