Why Won’t My Cat Use Her Litter Box?

Many cats develop an aversion to the litter box at one point or another. Our feline friends can prove rather picky! Below, your Marietta, GA veterinary professional tells you about three common reasons why Fluffy may have shunned her bathroom.


Cats don’t like to do their business in a dirty bathroom, much like us. If you don’t clean the box regularly, your cat may refuse to use it! Be sure to scoop your cat’s litter box out daily, and replace the litter entirely about once a week or so.


Cats have special preferences when it comes to their litter box’s location. It should be placed in a quiet, out-of-the-way area where your cat won’t be disturbed. Also make sure to put it far away from food and water. In most homes, a bathroom or quiet basement room works well.

Litter Preference

Try experimenting with different types of litter. Some cats like coarse granules, while some prefer dust-like litter. There’s also different scent varieties and different base materials; you may have to try out several kinds before finding what Fluffy likes.

Still need help getting your cat to use her bathroom? Contact your Vets Marietta, GA for professional help.

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