Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Having your pet spayed or neutered helps control pet overpopulation, thereby cutting down on the amount of homeless pets. It also offers several key health benefits to your animal companion. Learn more here from an Indianapolis, IN veterinarian.

Behavior Improvement

On the whole, pets who are spayed or neutered behave much better than those who aren’t. Without sex hormones raging through them, pets are much less likely to eliminate in the house, try to escape, chew, scratch, or show aggressive behavior toward other pets and humans. Female cats who are spayed won’t go into heat as often, allowing you to avoid the troubles that come with it. Male animals won’t try to roam in order to find a mate, effectively avoiding the hassle of an escaped dog or cat.

Physical Benefits

The risks of genital cancers are eliminated once pets are spayed or neutered. In addition, breast cancer and uterine infection risks are greatly decreased. These medical issues can be costly and worrisome to deal with later, so avoid the risk in the first place by having your pet spayed or neutered.

Contact your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian’s office if your pet needs to have the spay or neuter surgery performed.

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