Why Your Cat Has Stopped Using the Litter Box

Nearly one out of every 10 domesticated cats experiences a litter box aversion of some sort. Is your cat giving the cold shoulder to her bathroom? Here, your Lakeville, MN veterinarian tells you about the most likely reasons why:


Cats do not like using a dirty bathroom—who would? If you don’t scoop out Fluffy’s box often enough, she might shun it entirely. Be sure to scoop out your cat’s box on a regular basis, and change out the litter about once a week or so to keep your cat’s bathroom fresh and clean.


If your cat keeps getting startled while using the box, she might just end up avoiding it altogether. Place the box in a quiet, low-key location so that your cat won’t be disturbed while using it. In most homes, a basement, laundry room, or upstairs bathroom works well.

Litter Type

Your cat might prefer a particular grain size, scent, or material when it comes to their litter. Try experimenting a bit with litter types to see what your cat prefers.

Do you need help getting your cat to use her bathroom properly? Call your veterinarian Lakeville, MN professional for help. We’re here for you!

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