Why Your Cat Kneads With Her Paws

You’ve probably seen your cat kneads before—this term describes an alternated pressing of the front paws into a soft surface, like a pillow or blanket. Why exactly do cats exhibit this behavior? Get to the bottom of things with the help of your vet Burlington, ON.

Nursing Instincts

Did you know that kittens knead their mother’s belly during the nursing stage? It’s thought to stimulate milk production in the mother while the kittens are nursing. It’s entirely possible that your adult cat’s kneading is a sort of “remnant” behavior leftover from kitten-hood!

Territory Marking

Your cat’s paws contain scent glands, and those glands release her scent into the object that she’s kneading. In this fashion, your feline friend might be marking her territory when she kneads. If she kneads your leg, she might be claiming you as her own!

Nap Preparation

You’ve probably seen your cat kneads a soft surface before settling down for a nap. It’s thought that the ancient wild cats kneaded grass or dirt surfaces to soften them up before napping and that behavior might have gotten passed down to our modern-day felines!

Learn more about your cat’s behavior by contacting your veterinarians Burlington, ON.

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