Your Cat’s Hairballs

Have you ever seen your cat cough up a hairball? It certainly doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience for your feline friend. The question is, are hairballs harmful? Learn more below from a vet New Orleans, LA.

Why Do Hairballs Form?

When your cat grooms herself, she picks up a lot of loose hair from the coat, most of which gets swallowed. Most of that gets passed in the feces, but some stays in the gut. It forms together into a hairball, which is vomited back up eventually.

Are Hairballs Dangerous?

No, hairballs are a perfectly normal part of life for your cat and don’t harm her in the least. With that being said, tell your veterinarian if your cat coughs up hairballs frequently. That could be a sign that she’s shedding more than usual. And make sure to rush your cat to the emergency room if she’s gagging and retching but not producing anything—Fluffy might be choking.

Can I Help My Cat Have Fewer Hairballs?

Yes. Groom your pet daily to remove a lot of the loose fur from her coat, and feed a high-quality diet to minimize shedding.

Call your vet clinic New Orleans, LA to learn more.

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