Your Dog and Marijuana

Vets have seen an increase in marijuana ingestion and poisoning in dogs, particularly as the drug becomes legalized across several states. Marijuana isn’t safe for our canine friends! Here, a London, ON veterinarian tells you more about the hazards of marijuana for dogs.

Can Dogs Get High?

Yes, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana—tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC—affects dogs just like it does humans. But dogs are much smaller than humans, so small amounts of THC have a much greater effect. And keep in mind: dogs don’t realize what they’re ingesting and won’t be prepared for the psychoactive effects of the drug the way a human will be.

What are the Signs of Poisoning?

A dog who’s been exposed to THC may experience incontinence, hypersensitivity to touch and sound, and loss of coordination. “Edibles” (foods that are made with marijuana as an ingredient) are also risky because a dog may ingest a lot of butter, sugar, or fat. That’s not good for Fido!

What if My Dog Ingests Marijuana?

Take your dog to the vet’s office promptly if they’ve ingested marijuana. Vomiting may be induced, and IV fluids might be necessary.

Call your vet London, ON to learn more.

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