Your Pet and Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a substance added to vehicle engines to keep them functioning in cold weather. Unfortunately, antifreeze is highly toxic to pets! Your Frisco, TX veterinarian fills you in below:

The Toxin

Antifreeze is often made with an alcoholic substance called ethylene glycol, and it’s this substance that is the root of the problem. It can even poison humans! To make matters worse, ethylene glycol has a sweet taste and flavor that might even attract a pet.


A pet suffering from antifreeze poisoning might exhibit symptoms like lethargy, nausea and vomiting, uncoordinated movements, excessive urination, and diarrhea. If a pet isn’t treated promptly, they can experience seizures, slip into a coma, or even die.


Why deal with the risk of antifreeze poisoning at all if you can avoid it entirely? Prevent poisoning by choosing antifreeze products that use propylene glycol, not ethylene glycol, as the main ingredient—it’s safer for pets. Keep your animal friends indoors when using the product, and store it properly in an area where pets aren’t able to reach it. If you spill antifreeze, clean it up immediately before a pet can encounter the substance.

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