Your Pet and Chocolate

You’re probably aware that chocolate is one of the most dangerous—and most common—pet poisons out there. Below, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian tells you more about chocolate poisoning and how to help your pet avoid the danger.

Why is Chocolate Dangerous?

Chocolate of all types—milk, dark, semi-sweet, baking chocolate, white chocolate, etc.—contains theobromine and caffeine, two chemicals that don’t agree with our animal friends. Too much chocolate can result in vomiting, diarrhea, collapse, and even death without treatment.

What if My Pet Eats Chocolate?

Rush your pet to the local veterinary emergency room if you see or suspect that they’ve ingested chocolate. The stomach may need to be flushed, or activated charcoal may be administered to stop the poison’s absorption in the gut. Time is of the essence!

How Do I Prevent Poisoning?

Obviously, it’s far easier to prevent chocolate poisoning than deal with it after it’s happened. This is as simple as restricting your pet’s access to any and all chocolate and foods that contain chocolate. Store chocolate in closed containers or sealed cabinets where pets can’t reach.

For more information on chocolate toxicity and pets, contact your vet clinic Colorado Springs, CO for help.

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