Your Pet’s Emergency Pack

< p align=”justify”>Unfortunately, the best way to deal with an emergency situation affecting your pet is to be prepared for it ahead of time. An emergency pack will help you do just that! Build your own with these tips from a Moorpark, CA veterinarian.

First-Aid Essentials

< p align=”justify”>Most of your pet’s kit will be comprised of first-aid essentials. Include a pet-safe disinfectant, gauze, bandages, tweezers, medical tape, a pair of scissors, a styptic powder or pen, a pet thermometer, several soft towels, and latex gloves for your hands. Ask your vet about other first-aid supplies that may be helpful.

Medical Records

< p align=”justify”>Pack your pet’s medical records—proof of ownership, proof of vaccinations, documentation of any recent procedures your pet has undergone—in a waterproof bag. If you have to leave home and visit an unfamiliar vet’s office or shelter, these documents can be very important!

Long-Term Supplies

< p align=”justify”>It’s possible that a natural disaster or large-scale accident could force you away from home for a longer period of time. You might want to pack canned food (don’t forget a can opener!), blankets, bottled water, a pet bed, and a spare leash.

< p align=”justify”>Want help putting together your pet’s emergency pack? Call your vets Moorpark, CA.

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