Your Pet’s Vaccines

All pets need their vaccinations to stay disease-free and healthy. Would you like to know more about the vaccines that your pet requires? Read on as your vet Carmel, IN goes over the basics.

The Core Vaccines

Your pet’s core vaccines are often administered together in a batch when your pet is young. They have considered necessary for almost all pets thanks to the dangerous or contagious nature of the diseases they prevent. Some examples of core vaccinations include those that protect against distemper, parvovirus, rabies, and hepatitis.

Non-Core Vaccinations

Non-core vaccines, such as the Bordetella vaccine or the Lyme disease vaccination, aren’t necessary for all pets. They might help greatly, though, depending on factors like environment, exposure risk, pre-existing health conditions, and more. Ask your vet what type of non-core vaccines your pet might benefit from.

Booster Shots

Most of your pet’s vaccinations will require booster shots—usually given on a yearly basis, or perhaps in multi-year increments—to keep them effective over the course of your pet’s lifetime. Chat with your vet to learn more about booster-shot scheduling so that your pet stays healthy.

Does your pet need to be vaccinated? Schedule an appointment with your animal hospital Carmel, IN.

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